Ice Cream Churners Manufacturer
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Ice Cream Churners Manufacturer
Ice Cream Churners Manufacturer
Ice Cream Churners Manufacturer
  Taj Ice Cream Churners… 
These are fast times. In the midst of which, Taj presents out-of-this-world Taj Ice Cream Churners. Now, create unique batches of mouth-watering results with this fabulous machine. Designed with the highest quality standards of technology, Taj Ice Cream Churners are winners anyway you look at them. With features that will leave you asking for more, Taj Ice Cream Churners delivers sky-high results with considerably economical inputs. To say the least, a must have!
  Path-breaking features of the Taj Ice Cream Churner
  • Structured horizontally.
  • Fabricated in 304 Food grade quality Stainless Steel.
  • Consists of a Freezer Head with a Beater.
  • Beater with ultra-modern technology that makes super soft ice cream in lesser time.
  • Beater comes with effective speed control that saves time and labour.
  • Machine gives optimum results and proves extremely economical for low budget investors.
  • Available in capacities of 1.5 gallons and 2.5 gallons.