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  Taj Ice Cream Freezer…  

When it's quality you're after, Taj is the name to look for. Over the years, our esteemed consumers have maintained their business goals with our name. Our freezers are available in a variety of designs that fit your needs totally. After all, with extensive research, and technology, you can expect more,. So, now churn up outstanding scoops and of course, business results. Maneuvered to balance contemporary standards, it has been efficiently designed to offer lip smacking delights

  Path-breaking features of the Taj Ice Cream Freezer
  • Saves time, labour and power on mix control to make perfect and delicious ice cream.
  • Available in capacities of 2.5 gallons and 5 gallons as horizontal in shape.
  • Front side of freezer is stainless steel covered and remaining part comprises aluminum sheets.
  • Has nifty air compressor and fully automatic.
  • Capable of cent per cent overrun. The unique dasher with Taj Super Whip
  • Reaction Beater ensures uniform texture, as air is uniformly folded into the mix as it congeals. The air is filtered before it flows into the freezing barrel, a sanitation innovated by Taj.
  • Operation is very simple. At controlled pressure, with filtered air, the mix is inserted into the freezing barrel, later whipped by the reaction dasher while
  • Positive control of overrun achieved by controlling air supply to freezing barrel. along with input of ice cream mix and output of ice cream in the desired flavor as along as the freezer is in operation.
  • Speedy production possible with batch type technique, single package as well as cans which can be directly filled from the machine.
  • Provision made for connecting a separate refrigerating condensing unit.
  • Freezer made available for operation either in single phase or three phase power supply.