Milk Filter Equipment Manufacturer
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Milk Filter Equipment Manufacturer
Milk Filter Equipment Manufacturer
Milk Filter Equipment Manufacturer
  Taj Milk Filter… 
The coolest among machines in its class. Nothing surprising for with research based designing and high end system that this machine offers. Like other Taj products, this again boasts of high levels of expertise and usage. User friendly features and extra life are other factors in favour of the product.
The machine helps you organize the entire process of production in a simplified and enhanced format. The extensive and organized capabilities of the filter are what makes it stand apart in its category. Just trust Taj and you get outstanding usage with lip smacking results.!
  Path-breaking features of the Taj Surface Cooler
  • Meant to be attached between a pasteurizer and a homogenizer.
  • Attachment of filter between pasteurizer and homogenizer results in increased life
    of homogenizer.
  • Comprises two meshes for efficient filtering.
  • Completely made of 304 food grade quality stainless steel.